About Change Talk

We deserve not to feel crippled by anxiety, depression, self-doubt, old traumas. The reality is that there is a huge increase in mental health difficulties. No-one is immune. One in four of us will suffer a mental health crisis at some point in our lives, according to the World Health Organisation. Couples are often in distress, families are under pressure.

And yet, when we feel stuck, discovering fresh insights and new skills can make all the difference. In these situations, when crisis hits, we can suddenly feel lost. At other times anxiety, doubt or a low mood can get in the way of our ability to live our lives to the full. Our confidence takes a knock. As a result, we can forget all our strengths. Old solutions and ways of coping no longer work and old habits and patterns may actually add to our difficulties.

Having some control and power over our lives is crucial to how we feel. Things can improve when we find there are choices and options where before we thought there were none.

Also, learning new ways of being can bring new freedom. Most of all, awareness of what may be helpful and what may be less helpful can give us the confidence and motivation to make changes. In my practice I integrate the approaches that best suit someone’s needs and goals.

Sometimes only a few sessions are needed, whilst other times the work takes a little longer. This is something we negotiate together. More about our approach >

Who we are

We are registered psychotherapists Ariana Faris & Jeff Faris.

We are married and live and work out of our practice in Cardiff. As well as working 1:1 with people, often we will work together with families and couples to maximise the opportunities for different views and experience in the work we do together.