The Change Talk approach

We aim to help you achieve the goals and aims you have when you come for therapy.

Our many years of experience as psychotherapists enables us to work together with you to tailor our approach to your needs so that we can get to the heart of the matter fast. We use effective flexible and evidence-based approaches (e.g. Systemic, Cognitive, Mindfulness, Trauma Psychology, Compassion and Resource-Focus Brief Therapy).

Sessions are usually an hour long and we tend to work from session to session, e.g. for a s long as you and we feel that the sessions are useful, and you would like another session, we will book that together in a way that is mutually convenient.

We will review with you after a few session (e.g. five sessions in) whether this is useful to you and whether the consultations are productive. If we do not feel that we are offering you what you need, we will discuss that with you rather than continue without results.

Sometimes, therapy can be challenging. We strive to facilitate a relationship that feels safe enough to accommodate challenge and challenging enough to feel safe.

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