What a session with Change Talk entails

The sessions will normally last an hour. They may be weekly, fortnightly or spaced further apart depending on what we agree to be most useful for you.

Fees for counselling and psychotherapy range from £75-£80  for an hour for individual sessions to £90 couples therapy and £100 for family therapy.

Please contact us for supervision rates.

We are Cardiff and London based and we offer our counselling and psychotherapy services  either face to face or remotely via skype, zoom or telephone sessions, whichever method is most convenient to you. If you are meeting us for the first time we will contact you via phone to discuss arrangements that best suit you. We are experienced at delivering online therapy and supervision and can advise if needed on how to set up a system that will enable us to meet and work effectively together.

Cancellation policy

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. However the whole fee will be payable if less than 48 hours notice is given.

If for example you need to cancel a session for Tuesday evening, then you would need to inform Ariana or Jeff of the cancellation on the Friday before the appointment.

We ask that you pay for the first session on confirming booking of an appointment. All subsequent session fees must be paid at each session. Payment may be bank transfer (if bank transfer then this needs to be made before the session) or PayPal, with an additional fee of £2.00 per session.