Addiction and behaviour change

Arguably we are a society of addicts. We seek to soothe our pain, fill the void, anaesthetize ourselves and self medicate against unpleasant mind states or difficult conditions we find ourselves in. We try to fill ourselves up when we feel empty inside or we just want to feel something by compulsively using substances as coping mechanisms.

We have many ways to do this, through compulsive eating, drugs, alcohol, overwork, self-harm, gambling, scrolling through social media, addiction to sex and watching porn. All of these things change the way we feel momentarily and so they are solutions that sort of work on the one hand and can bring a host of problems on the other.

Sometimes if we have no power over these methods of changing how we feel, the consequences can be devastating: for our health, for our wellbeing and happiness for our relationships.

However big or small, changing behaviours that we struggle to control is not easy; it requires courage and bravery, it requires compassion and support and patience. If you feel ready for a change then we can accompany you along the way. We have worked in the fields of addictions and behaviour change for many years and will bring our experience to the conversations, helping you to find the resources within yourself to change and keep motivated to maintain those changes.

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