Life Crisis

The moment we are born we enter a world of experiences that we learn to differentiate and make sense of.

If we live fully in the world, life will also at times derail us from what we rely upon to be predictable.

This is mostly highly disturbing and can shake our sense of trust in what we have come to believe about ourselves and our world.

Such crises can take many forms, can be foreseen or take us completely by surprise. At these times we can find ourselves feeling utterly alone and alienated from our inner resources as well as from those close to us who we seek to support or protect.

Taking the time and opportunity to get our head around our situation, talking to someone who can listen without judgement and facilitate our exploration of possibilities can reconnect us to our inner resourcefulness and kindle hope.

We are always open to exploring with you how we might be helpful in these circumstances and considering with you options and the best next step.